Diary of Events

Inspiration Speaker Session

When: Fridays 6-9pm
Sponsor: Children in need

We have a number of speakers who have come and met the children to inspire them, improve their esteem, communication skills, to encourage them to  achieve their goals despite their difficulties.

All speakers have come from different backgrounds and have achieved in different fields, sports, business, theatre and technical. It is hoped that these people encourage the youths to strive to make achievements.

See here for a list of speakers


Positive Impact

When: Wednesdays 6-9pm
Sponsor: MOPAC Funding

Our free of charge ‘Positive Impact’ programme is delivered to up to 30 Merton Residents, mixed gender/race aged between 9-17 (25 for those with disabilities). The session promotes early intervention to meet the objectives of both preventing and reducing youth crime and anit-social behaviour as well as improving community engagement.

Phipps Dance, Drama and Youth Zone

When: Tuesdays 4-6pm
Where: South Mitcham Community Centre

The session provides positive activities that young people can participate in after school, themed on health and well being. Young people have the opportunity to meet new friends and build their social group, which will reduce isolation at home. Group discussions encourage sharing to talk about issues and learn new skills to deal with problems.